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Episode 11: Sophonisba Breckinridge


In this episode, we talk with Dr Anya Jabour from The University of Montana, about a trailblazing but now largely forgotten American woman, called Sophonisba Breckinridge, who was an activist, social reformer, social scientist and innovator in higher education. She was the first woman to earn a Doctorate in political science and economics at the University of Chicago, and she was also the first woman to pass the Kentucky bar. 

Anya Jabour spent 10 years researching and writing her biography of Breckinridge. In this episode Dr Jabour tells us what first got her interested in history and how she undertook her research for the book, before telling us more details about Breckinridge's amazing life and achievements. 

This episode introduces our new "Sister's Across the Atlantic" theme, which will continue in Season Two of the podcast in January 2022. Next year we will focus on some well-known and lesser known figures from American Women's History. We'll have in-depth guest interviews with a range of American authors, historians and museums, including Pamela Toler, Didi Hoffman, Dr. Theresa Kominski and The Women's Museum of California

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